Ad-Din Medical College Hospital offers treatment of prostate-related disease almost free of cost for 18 days

Mubtasim Fuad, Dhaka

In a good gesture in Bangladesh’s healthcare services, a hospital in capital Dhaka has come up with a plan to help the underprivileged, offering treatment of prostate-related diseases almost free of cost. The surgery cost of treating prostate-related disease is not less than Tk 50,000 in Dhaka’s privately-run hospitals. But Ad-Din Medical College Hospital at Moghbazar in the capital as part of an 18-day campaign is providing poor patients with the treatment almost free of cost.
The hospital has been continuing this campaign for the  treatment of prostate-related disease for the past six years.  Under the campaign, the hospital is not only providing free surgical treatment, but also providing medical tests and free food and lodging to those suffering from prostate, urinary and urinary tract problems. The patients have only to bear the cost of medicines.
As part of its programme for the year, the hospital also successfully conducted operations on 42 patients under the supervision of Ad-din Women’s Medical College principal and renowned urologist, Prof Afiquor Rahman, till Tuesday. From February 10 to 18, a total of 98 patients visited the hospital with such diseases. The patients visited the doctors from 8am to 11am everyday except Friday, on the second floor of the hospital.  The patients who need operations are selected by the doctors at that time.
Patients will be selected for operation till February 23. Selected patients will undergo operations till February 28.  Ad-din Hospital also provides different sorts of services to poor patients round-the-year for free of charge. As part of its efforts, the hospital offers free treatment facilities to prostate patients in the month of February every year. Prof Rahman said urological ailments are a long-standing problem of the people of this country.
“Statistics or studies have shown that 39.5 per cent of people over the age of 50 suffer from prostate problems. Twelve per cent of the people have to undergo the operation. The operation and treatment are extremely expensive,” the doctor said. “About 400 patients were given free treatment in February last year and nearly 100 patients were given free surgery. It takes at least Tk 50,000 to perform this operation in other hospitals,” added Prof Rahman.
On a personal note, Prof Rahman also said he gets inspired to undertake this social service as his father suffered from this disease. “I know the agony and pain associated with this disease. That’s why I get a different kind of inspiration and strength while giving treatment to the patients,” he said.
Ali Hossain, a patient from Rajbari district who received free treatment, said: “When I came to see the doctors for my prostate problems, they suggested surgery. I got nervous. But the doctors convinced me to undergo the operation. It was truly a good experience for me and I am grateful to them.” Another patient from Chandpur district, Sadil Ahmed, said after getting information from a relative of him he has visited the hospital to receive almost the zero cost treatment of his prostate-related disease.

Date: 20 February, 2020 08:37:13 AM
Source: the independent