Ad-din Medical College Hospital has its dedicated blood bank on the 3rd floor of the hospital which is open 24/7. Attended by two Consultants, three Senior House Officers, and four Medical Lab Technologists, desired to provide patients with blood that meets the requirements of international standards. All donations received in the blood bank are voluntary and non-remunerated. Nearly 25 bags of blood are received and supplied every day at our bank.

Precautions to be taken prior to blood donation:

  • Not to donate on an empty stomach
  • A gap of 20-30 minutes is desirable for a meal.
  • Good sleep on the previous night/day
  • Not to donate if you have fever or taking any antibiotics or aspirin or blood thinner
  • Drink water before donation
  • Not to take alcohol 24 hours prior donation
  • Not to smoke half an hour after blood donation
  • Avoid vigorous exercise/playing tennis for at least 2-3 hours after donation as this can cause bleeding from the site of donation

Numerous precautionary measures are in place for both donors and recipients, including performing mandatory screening tests for infectious diseases. The required tests before donating blood are-

  • Hemoglobin estimation
  • Weight check
  • Blood group determination
  • Screening for Hepatitis B & C
  • Screening for HIV
  • Screening for malaria
  • Screening for syphilis
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