There is a total of 82 cabins including the executive cabins in AWMCH to serve patients with outstanding care and modern amenities at a reasonable rate. Each cabin has one bed for the patient and one floor bed for their attendant.

The list of cabins are as follows:

Name Location  Number of cabins
Nasima Cabin 1st floor, Momin Building 16
Sayeda Cabin 2nd floor, Momin Building 18
Shahina Cabin 3rd floor, Momin Building 18

Apart from these, there are 9 Children Cabins with a total of 17 beds. Children Cabins were typically shared, but considering the increased risk since the pandemic, cabin sharing has been discontinued until further notice.

VIP Cabin

There is a total of 19 Executive Cabins under Safina Executive Cabin (6th floor, Ashraf Ali Building) which provide a range of modern amenities at AWMCH. All executive cabins come with air condition, automated bed, television, wi-fi, tv and attached bathrooms with heated floors.

There are 2 Executive wards named Shahina and Safina Executive Wards where patients are able to avail exclusive care with private curtained beds, attached bathrooms and central air conditioning.