The Pathology Laboratory essentially analyzes biological samples for diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, drug monitoring, and screening. Ideally, a laboratory is to provide accurate/ acceptable results within a reasonable turnaround time. The lab follows good laboratory practice which is to not only have standard laboratory procedures but also respect ethics and to ensure the safety of patients as well as staff who are involved in the processes. Appropriately trained and skilled human resources is a key to the successful operation of a clinical pathology facility. Systems are in place to drive organizational structure and ongoing competency assessment to ensure appropriate accountability and communication during laboratory operation and thereby the quality result for patient care. All laboratory personnel follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the performance of all assigned duties and tasks. Competency assessments are conducted and recorded for all components of the employees’ functional responsibilities periodically. Mechanisms to identify gaps & lapses as well as staff development programs, on-the-bench training, and continuous education programs are all part of the operation of this laboratory.

Our lab maintains a Laboratory Information System (LIS) and it is a powerful tool to manage complex processes and ensure timely results and regulatory compliance. LIS is capable of consolidating complex technical processes into a single, compliant platform with comprehensive reporting, surveillance, and networking capabilities. The system reduces the pre- & post-analytical mistakes and thus saves man-hours. LIS accelerates data management and data sharing within the laboratory, across the laboratories, and beyond the lab stakeholders in particular